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Hania is a city rich in history and dates back to Minoan times. It has seen the passage of many peoples especially after the occupation of  Crete  by the Mycenaean and Dorian Greeks between 1400 and 1200 BCE which saw the end of the Minoan period. Today the Old City, encircled partially still by the Byzantine and Venetian walls, is a maze of narrow streets and surprises – one of which is Etz Hayyim Synagogue.

Once in Hania, ask for the old harbour…

The Synagogue is located in what was once the old Jewish Quarter. Today it is still called the ‘Ovraiki’ though under the Venetians it was termed a Zudeccha or Ghetto – which in fact it was.

HaniaThe entrance of old harbour

Our exact location:

The synagogue can be reached by walking up Kondylaki Street from the harbour and taking the second turn to the right (you can click on the map icon bellow). This street (Parodos Kondylaki) is only about 25 meters long and leads to a cross street with no other exits. On reaching that intersection, the stone wall and entrance to the courtyard of the synagogue are in front of you and slightly to the left.

The Zudeccha of HaniaMap of Hania

Please note: the “Synagogue Cafe” adjacent to Etz Hayyim Synagogue has no affiliation with us. They have appropriated the name in order to exploit possible Jewish interest. Their food and their premises are not Kosher.

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